Chickey Designs is a design company set on combining the allure of the past with the imagination of the future. All designs are a form of unique high quality wearable artwork.

My Story:
As a self taught artist with a love of all things vintage, old Hollywood glamour, and retro I was inspired to revive classic designs. After years of drawing and painting, I entered the world of graphic design. I immediately fell in love. The creative freedom and the ability to reach such a large audience inspired me. I started to have my designs printed on t-shirts for friends and family. After encouragement from those same people, Chickey Designs was born.

The Name:
Chickey Designs was created from my nickname Chickey. My name Courtney Hickey, when written as first initial and last name spells Chickey. This was often found on forms, school exams, and my sports uniforms throughout my life. The name just stuck. As Chickey Designs suggests, these are my designs and they are for you to cherish.

My Favorite Things:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Alice in Wonderland
British Television
Leather shoes
Vintage sunglasses
60s makeup
Wolf Parade
Arctic Monkeys